The heart of the Father at ABC this week


This week at ABC we looked at the tragedy of idol worship. We saw that idols can be metal…but they can also be mental. Take a look at this quote from Archbishop William Temple:

It remains true that any image is inadequate; but what people often fail to observe is that when, instead of making the image out of material things, you make it out of thoughts, if you make it yourself, it will be equally inadequate, and it is just as much idolatry to worship God according to a false mental image as by means of a false metal image. The mental image misrepresents God, and has the same disastrous effects on character. If your conception of God is radically false, then the more devout you are the worse it will be for you. You are opening your soul to be moulded by something base. You had much better be an atheist. William Temple (Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury)

If brokenness, neglect or abuse from your earthly father has made it difficult to see the core identity of God as Father, there may be some idolatry that needs to be smashed by the Holy Spirit. I hope that you will listen to the message below on God’s Father heart, and I hope you find healing.


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