About Us

Our mission at Avalon Beach Church is as simple as A-B-C:

Advance the Gospel

Believe for changed lives

Create simple communities (SCOPE)

We advance the Gospel through worship and preaching; believe for changed lives through prayer, ministry and the promise of God’s grace; and create simple communities  by connecting with potential leaders and offering both relationship and resources (See SCOPE Resources page).

We are a non-denominational church devoted to the Bible as God’s authoritative Word and anchored by the truth of The Apostle’s Creed. We are an outreach of the Malachi Network (www.malachinetwork.org). The MN is a 501c3 nonprofit ministry serving 40+ young leaders in missions and church planting worldwide. Your weekly offerings will go to support missionaries in this ministry.

Avalon Beach Church leadership is made up of two generations from one family. Harry and Ann Stevenson retired as senior pastor at St. John’s UMC in Turnersville, NJ 20 years ago. Rich and Tania Stevenson served as pastor in Sharptown, NJ for 5 years and for the last 20 years have given themselves to evangelism, church planting and prayer ministry. They now direct the Malachi Network. For more info about the Stevenson’ ministry, see:

www.malachinetwork.org and www.richstevenson.org

Why not get a cup of Wawa coffee, grab a Kohler’s cream donut, bring your beach chair and a friend, and meet us at 30th Street and the beach on Sunday’s at 9am in Avalon!



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