A Song for the Road…On Your Way to the Presence of God

Can you hear the Israelites singing as they made their way to the Temple mount? From full hearts and with full voices the people of God remembered being rescued from the bondage of Babylon. They prayed with melody for restoration and they lifted their voices in rejoicing regarding the harvest God was bringing.

The learned the valuable lesson that if you sow in tears, you will reap with joy. You can find this song for the road in Psalm 126.

You can make a trip toward God’s holy presence. Remember that you were rescued from a dominion of darkness. Pray for God to restore all that has been stolen by the enemy. And carry God’s emotions…be burdened for what burdens Him and get ready to reap a harvest of joy.

Here is the message from ABC today from Psalm 126. I hope the power of God moves in your life through it.


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