What are the Psalms of Ascents? Think Roadtrip Playlist

Beach worship

Definition of Song of Ascents

Any one of 15 psalms in the series Ps 120 to 134 sung by Hebrew pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem or possibly while ascending Mount Zion or the steps of the Temple

called also Gradual Psalm, Pilgrim Psalm, Psalm of Ascents

Our theme this season is “Songs of Summer” and this Sunday we are going to be looking at Psalm 126. As you read it, try to imagine throngs of Israelites heartily singing this song of deliverence as they made their way to the Holy Mountain. I wonder how powerfully God made His presence known in the midst of their worship?

I wonder how powerfully He will make himself known in the midst of our worship this weekend at ABC?

Come and see on the 30th street beach this Sunday at 9am in Avalon. Bring your beach chair, some Wawa coffee and a carload of family and friends.


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