A Disciple’s Priority

I wasn’t in shorts and a t-shirt, and there was no sand between my toes…

But I had that same chance to preach the good news of Jesus Christ this Sunday in our new church family, Wesley Church in Quarryville, PA.

I know there was at least one person thoroughly convicted by the message on 100% commitment to Jesus. It was me! I spoke about the miraculous catch of fish in Luke 5 and Christ’s call for Peter to follow Him.

Peter’s willingness to look clearly at his own sinfulness and Christ’s grace to call him to follow in spite of it grabbed my heart again on Sunday morning.

Christ’s grace and truth became a force for Peter that enabled him to “leave everything and follow Him.”

You can listen to the message on Wesley’s livestream page at: http://www.wesleyqville.org/live. Scroll down to the sermon delivered on 9/23/18.

We miss our Avalon Beach Church family and look foward to seeing you again for our first summer service of the 2019 season. We will begin Father’s Day weekend and meet each Sunday through Labor Day weekend.



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