Let’s Have the BEST Labor Day Weekend Yet!

If you want to have your best Labor Day weekend, why not come to our last Avalon Beach Church worship Service of the season? We will be singing about “Blessed Assurance,” and hearing from the Word of God about our global mission at the end of the age.

Please join us at the 30th Street beach in Avalon at 9am. Bring your beach chair, some Wawa coffee, and a heart ready to engage with the presence of Jesus Christ. This service will close our 7th season of ABC. What a thrill and an honor it has been to come together in praise and worship. Tania and I are so thankful for the faithfulness of so many people. Let’s end this season with shouts of praise, humble hearts, and lives ready to live in the fullness of Christ’s Spirit.

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  1. Hi there and happy 2021! Will there be an Avalon beach church for 2021 summer?Hope you had a good Winter!

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