Need a reminder?

Does anybody else feel like they need a reminder of just how amazing it is that we get to worship Jesus each Summer Sunday on the 30th St. beach in Avalon, NJ?

We begin our 7th season on Father’s Day, June 21st, at 9am. Please pray with us that this year we will see many come to faith in Jesus Christ and even more of those who believe find comfort and strength in the power and presence of Christ.

Tania and I hope that as we approach the springtime, each of you will experience the depths of the abundant life with have in Jesus and grow in the grace and power of the precious Holy Spirit.

Thank you so much for the way that you support ABC!

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  1. Amen. Thank you for the reminder that everyday is an opportunity to let God lead and for us to follow
    His son Jesus. It’s by His grace that we are able to boldly proclaim the name on Jesus on the beautiful
    Avalon Beach Church Sanctuary.
    We’re so excited to continue to be a part of Avalon Beach Church ministry in continuing what Jesus started by sharing the “Good News” of the gospel. We will continue to pray for you and your ministry in the name of Jesus.
    John 6: 28-29

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