Showers of “Blessing”??

Well…our streak is alive…6 seasons without canceling! We worshipped Jesus with Zach Stevenson and I got to Preach for about five minutes…

Then came the deluge! I made a quick stab at my three points to have victory in Jesus and keep from sin:

1. Pray honest prayers about hidden sin (Psalm 19)

2. Hide God’s Word in your heart (Psalm 119)

3. Sing a new (and better) song (Psalm 40)

Closed with the story of Ulysses and the sirens. To be saved from the wicked creatures who lured sailors to their death with a song, he filled his men’s ears with wax and lashed himself to the ships mast.

Jason did something different for his victory… he asked Orpheus to sing an even better song!

We can do that too! We can have victory in Jesus because in our heart there rings a melody…a melody of love!

We have a better song than the enemy and it can keep us from sin and bring victory!


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