Last ABC Worship of the 2018 Season

We hope to see you at the last worship gathering of Avalon Beach Church for the 2018 season. It has been a GREAT summer on the 30th Street beach in Avalon. Each Sunday we have experienced the sweet presence of Jesus through worship, prayer, scripture study and the glorious atmosphere of sand and salt water!

We have been so blessed by the excitement and encouragement we have received from our ABC family. What an honor it is to proclaim Jesus and His love to such wonderful people. Thank you for your graciousness.

This final week at ABC, we will be looking at John 14. They are some of the last words Jesus gave to his disciples before his death on the cross. Jesus shares words of promise and peace. I am looking forward to sharing from this comforting chapter as we close out our 5th season.

We hope that you can join us at 9am on the 30th Street beach. Bring your beach chair, some Wawa coffee and a carload of family and friends.

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