This Week at ABC: Baptisms Following Worship!

What could be better than singing, praying and hearing from Scripture while looking at the ocean? Some of us actually getting in the water to celebrate the baptism of believers in Christ!

This week at Avalon Beach Church, we will have the priviledge of joining three precious followers of Jesus in their baptism. They will declare their faith in Christ through vows and we will pray for a fresh outpouring of grace and power from the Holy Spirit. Then they will go under the water representing death to sin and come out of the water celebrating new life in Christ!

Baptism is a “family celebration” for the Church. It’s a time for all of us who love Jesus to recommit ourselves to the vows that we made in baptism. So ABC family, get ready for your own outpouring of grace and power!

If you are interested in being baptised, email me at:

We can’t wait to worship with you this Sunday at 9am on the 30th Street beach in Avalon. Bring your beach chair, some Wawa coffee and a carload of family and friends.

It’s gonna be awesome!


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